Epsom, Surrey

Student accommodation incorporating 70 Bedrooms.
Completion Date: September 2010
Initially designed as a 3 storey block, it later became apparent that the client desired a fourth floor which was being held back due to planning restraints. This could be constructed in the future and would add a further 13 Bedrooms. Our initial design was modified for the allowance of this additional future storey.
A restricted site including large trees resulted in a very unusual layout design by the architects, including the use of curves set out from the centre of two trees to avoid building near their roots.  In addition large cantilevers of up to 800mm were specified with the upper floors of the building having a greater footprint than the ground floor.  These unusual features combined to create a challenging timber frame design project.
Working closely with the timber frame manufacturer Target Timber Systems, the site erection team and the architects from an early stage was essential to achieving the desired finished building.
To achieve the required impression of a curve, we designed and supplied standard height rectangular panels segmented into lengths of approximately 1200mm depending on window locations. As the centre of the tree was the base point for setting out the curve, we created a grid giving both x & y coordinates to each critical point (panel end) along the curve. 
Cantilevered 300mm deep Glulam engineered joists were designed perpendicular to the radius of the curve at first floor to support the cantilevered building above.
The completed look of the building was finished by the installation of a sedum green roof.
Manufacturer: Target Timber Systems Ltd
Client: University for the Creative Arts, Epsom.
Architect: Geoffrey Sloan Associates
Erector: Elite Carpentry